Tuesday, December 02, 2008


  • I'm not crazy... I'm just not like you
  • I'm not a pessimist, it's just that you are all against me ...
  • The most abundant thing on Earth is ... questions
  • Now is the future I planned for in the past, but how much have I accomplished?
  • We come into life crying, and often leave it while still crying ...
  • Stop worrying about the past, it's not like you can ever go there again


Me at
Ache for it ...

Tomorrow ...

Yesterday has left me sore
Tomorrow, I anticipate it so
Too many mistakes I've made in the past
Yet hope rekindles, as future approaches fast

I've learned from what I've been
The choices were wrong, I've seen
But now I've left that behind
To do what's right, I'll keep in mind

Tomorrow has now become today
My dark days, I've chased away
Now I am what I yearned to be
And this way I'll stay, forever free