Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lunch Hour Ravings of a Frustrated Mind :/

This is a warning issued to all young women out there. It is also one warning that I'm sure you've heard a million friggin' times over and over again, and yet have never paid any attention to. I don't expect any change this time over either.


There, that's done with. That's all the advice/warning I have for you.

However, if you want to know why I had this sudden strong urge to share that age-old bit of caution, you're welcome to read on.

The world, as it goes on, does not adapt to your way of living. Rather, it moulds you into unthinkable forms to suit itself. You need to make a claim on your life, to work and toil to shape it as you want it to be. A happy life rarely presents itself on a silver platter.

I personally feel that a life which is complete and gratifying is a life with a harmonious balance between all the contributing factors. Independence, freedom, career, love, ambition, family. Too much, or too little of any, and contentment will be swift to avoid you.

Of course, at the time when you do make the decision to dedicate a whole lot of time, time you'll never be able to reclaim,  to one factor, you yourself may feel it to be a decision well-justified. It's only when things go wrong that you spare time to reflect.

However, as pessimistic as I am, I do hold this perhaps naive belief that it is seldom too late for a fresh start.

As you live on, time gives you new burdens to carry upon your back. Experience, on the other hand, guides you through the wisest ways of reaching your goals regardless of life's burdens and other barriers crossed in your path.

If you are unhappy with the path your life is taking, stop now. Think of where you are, where you want to be, and how best to get there. To hell with societal norms and what not. If you need to, then break-free from those monotonous daily rituals. Stop existing and start living. Be who you want to be. Do what you have to to have your ideal life.

For me, the arrow points in the direction of education. Coming from an average family, being married and expecting a child, having a rather unstable job makes the prospect of further education rather daunting. Yet so be it. As much work experience as I may have, it's all rather useless in the job market without a piece of paper which certifies that I have certain academic, professional qualifications.

I'm looking forward to leaving behind whatever unnecessary weight I carry in my mind, and focusing on reaching where I want to be.

After all, obtaining the less attainable is a challenge, and you know me, I never could resist one :)


  1. Well said and I agree. Balance is important for a healthy life and mind...
    And though we are creatures of habit, may we all be blessed with the wisdom to realize our follies and begin anew.
    Standing O to your resolution and advice/warning...

  2. my god this post was a sile of platitudes.

  3. @seamun this wasn't really an attempt to come up with a unique literary masterpiece. rather, this is just what the title says it is :)