Saturday, October 13, 2012

Perhaps I must.

All smiles, jokes and nonsensical talk.
Opinionated, fiery and outspoken.
But for what?
I’m dead inside, 
try as I might to deny it.

There’s always this nagging question in my head.


Why am I so concerned about tomorrow?
About a coup d’etat and a country sinking into the past?
About rising crime and a corrupt police force?
About a judiciary from which we expect no good
and a parliament that does shit all about it?
About a nation beyond repair
and an idea that’s hard to make real?


Why am I sleepless about a man who couldn’t care less?
About friends I’d rather not keep
and a love that’s as fleeting as a thought?
About a son I hardly see
and a mother I’m bad at being?
About a family I cannot accept
and a life I do not care for?

it is because
I must.

In this world, we all live a farce.
We all breathe and eat and pretend.
We all shit and shower and lie.
We all work and toil and cry.
We all smile and frown and at the end of the day
We go to bed and in the confines of our room
We whisper to the world ‘Fuck you’.


  1. "to a meaningless existence, give meaning we must.hmmm." - random yoda imposter on teh internetz

  2. what i think..everything that is happening, is in line with the Law of Attraction..we, Maldives, individuals have attracted this day..and the solution is also on our hands..just need to change directions i guess...Love is the solution..

  3. The rawness was so moving. So true, and I dont know if it makes sense, but sadly beatiful?

  4. Beautiful !! That's how we all feel I guess <3 Loved it..