Monday, October 06, 2014

Perceptions: Is your green my blue?

We take so much for granted.

Colours, sounds, tastes, textures...

But how sure are we that what we are experiencing is in fact identical to the similar descriptions of experiences that people around us give?

We are conditioned to label a certain shade blue, a certain sound a jingle, a certain taste sour, a certain texture smooth.

But are our sensations the same? Is it possible that what you describe as green is actually seen by another as the shade you would describe as amber?

Science as it is today probably has a very good argument against all these random thoughts, I'm sure, but I'd like to believe that every being has its own unique perception of things, and that two lives, even lead in the same controlled manner, would prove to be two absolutely different experiences particular to whoever owns them.

I'd like to think that my black is in fact your white.

That would so conveniently explain away why humans seem to fail so badly at understanding each other.


  1. For a long time (until couple of years ago) I never realized how colorblind I I realize I never in fact saw your yellow or blue as you saw it...and I think that is how it should be

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  3. An artistic article, deeply questioning the realm of this world and its beings.
    Even I have wondered the same thing. Is my blue, your blue? Or not?
    A stunning topic to dive into, which truly gives the evidence that we humans are so limited in the knowledge we claim to have.

  4. Of course, we all experience life differently. That's why perception is important. But we do share common elements too which are elements of profound commonness. We all accept happiness is a form of emotion and when somebody is happy, we easily know it. I'm sure there must be enough research done in the field of psychology to determine to what extent we inherit similarities. We humans are such amazing creatures with self awareness and progressive reasoning catapulting us into a technological era equivalent to miracles anytime before the 20th century. Yet, we still are so bad at communicating with each other. We are a hopeless race of Intelligent fools. We have so many barriers when it comes to properly understand messages exchanged across various mediums. Will we ever have any reprieve? I say, why not? Someday. Hopefully!