Tuesday, October 04, 2011


 ‎"Court thakah aigadha koh...amuruthakah kiyaman nuvaa..beyruge idhaaraathakah gonjahaa amihla nan molhukoh vaahaka dhahkaa adhi raiyyithun naa gulhumeh nethi... jamihyaa thakaai madhanaee mujuthamau hifahahtaa hunna veriyakee Dictatarakey"-Anni 2008

Talk about double standards.

I voted for/and campaigned for MDP. In both rounds of the presidential elections. Wholeheartedly.
I voted for/ and campaigned for MDP. In the parliamentary elections. Wholeheartedly.
I voted for MDP. In the local council elections. Just on the basis that the other options I had were worse.

Will I vote for them again? No. I will not vote for a man/party who has given up his values in greed of power. It was the values and promises I voted for, not the man himself.

Looking at Anni, I used to see the promise of a fresh start for the country.
Now I see a little man, corrupted beyond repair, rolling around blinded in the depths of suddenly-gained power.

Do not be mistaken, I'm not judging him compared to previous presidents of the country.
I compare him to the promises that rolled off his tongue which has since forked into two.
Shame on you, Anni, shame on you.


  1. If u keep thinking on that line... And provided the same time as the previous....
    the one we r experiencing is far worse. In the name of reform we have screwd an economy with all it's values...

  2. 'Do not be mistaken, I'm not judging him compared to previous presidents of the country.'
    Just because Anni is also screwing up doesn't automatically make Maumoon a saint. -N-

  3. Anni is a charismatic speaker, and a boastful liar. He is the perfect example of Maldivian Atatürk