Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A little hope in times of despair.

The loud silence saws away at the threads of my sanity.
It is the mute screams of a soul in despair,
The unheard wails of a conscience shattered into a million shards,
The stifled sobs as these shards push into the depths of my heart.

Despite the tough masks I wear for the world,
As my dreams bled to death I looked on, not seeing.
I stood numb and stared, teary-eyed and confused,
As around me, the world collapsed,
As dreams died and thoughts turned to venom.

As life, itself, became worthless.


A hand reaches out, a voice whispers in my ear.
"All's not lost. I'm here, always."

Could it be?

Is there still hope?
Can dreams be rebuilt and life rekindled?
Can love cure wounds and be antidote to a poisoned conscience?

I will hold that hand and walk on again,
We will find the soul I lost and try again.

May God forgive me for that fleeting thought of despair,
For the yearning I had to bleed to death with the dream.

1 comment:

  1. there is as much hope
    as there is despair.
    always. anywhere.
    each completes,
    gives meaning to,
    the other.
    in despair
    you find hope.
    and within you;