Monday, May 13, 2013


And so.
I am sitting in the silence,
Watching the blinding skies weep,
Utterly content with life.

Phone rings.
A number I do not recognise.
Pick up phone, lay it back down.
Answer it in the end.

Oh hello.
It's a call to attempt rubbing salt into wounds that do not exist.
Attempting to add fuel to a fire that only burns in the caller's mind.

'Hello, love, Happy Mother's Day,
Is Aik a disturbed kid as his dad's never around?
Oh. And poor you.
Still no man to keep you warm?

My hubby(ugh) and I just came back from holiday
We talked of you there
How you're stuck with a son and no life. Oops, sorry.

We spoke of how you must envy us
And well, I wouldn't blame you.
You're younger, smarter, prettier,
And still ended up such loser *giggle*'

If I were half as spiteful as you are.
I might then mention that the man you gloat of
Is sleeping around with at least two other women I know.

Or I might point out how ridiculous it is for a child lover
To refrain from having kids in case you get 'too fat' for your man.

Or what a loss it is
That you gave up on your career,
The one you worked so hard to build,
Because your 'hubby' can't trust you outside the house

Honestly, love, I envy no one
And especially not such a farce of a life.

I have my son, who is my life.
I earn enough to provide for him through work I love.
I have complete independence and freedom.
I am content. My son is happy.

What more can one want?
I wish you well, but I won't waste anymore time on you.


  1. really, interesting choice of words (just because i dont see "b*tch" anywhere) :)

  2. Prose can be
    Broken into lines
    To seem like a poem

    Not criticizing your thoughts or the substance of what you wrote. But using line breaks to make it a poem is just silly.

    It is sad that like your "friend" so many Dhivehi women give up the career/life for a man. Great that there are strong women like you who do not give in to societal and peer pressure.

    1. I see what you mean & am well aware of the difference between poem and prose. :)

      However, I feel words are not rigid and are not meant to be always teased into a known format.

      This piece here was never meant to be a poem. Rather, they are simply thoughts as they came to mind.

  3. Nice :)
    Better to be alone than bend backwards to other people's expectations.

    A woman in our society, needs to be strong to get what is rightly ours. I can't understand why it is the way it is.
    The fiend who called - I feel sorry for her, she is trying very hard to stay strong - if one sit her down and talk, she will weep.