Monday, January 28, 2013

Don't regret.

Don't harbour that feeling of grief or remorse.
Not for the gazillion mistakes you've made, for it's in the wake of these you've carved your steps forward.
Not for the open doors you ignored and walked past, for they are long closed and there is no going back.
Not for the cruel words you've said, for they have now left your mind leaving it that much cleaner.
Not for the friends who've gone and you've lost touch with, for if they meant so much you'd both have made more of an effort.
Not for the lover who broke your heart, for sooner or later he would have crumbled your dreams.
Not for the sister who took her own life, for the life was hers and not yours to judge.
Not for the empty promises you believed, for every loss has left you wiser.
Not for the family that is broken and in tatters, for what's bonds of blood without bonds of love.
Not for the prayers you refused to say, for God is still there and waiting for repentance.
Don't waste half your life with feelings of guilt, grief and remorse.
Act, apologise, change and reform.
Love, leave, let go and move on.
Choose again and choose differently if you will.
But regret is a waste,
An edge of a cliff, a cul de sac, a dead end.
Step back, turn around, take a different path instead.

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  1. great advice
    should always remember those don't when we hit a low ground.