Sunday, January 13, 2013

Missing: A worn out pair of stinky sneakers

Well, this is new and strange. Have you ever heard of shoes getting stolen on a flight? :/

Well, mine did.

I crawled around on all fours to see if it had hid itself in some unlikely corner. The stewardess then bent down and asked me with all good intent: "Ma'am, are you SURE you were wearing shoes?" >.<

Oh well. I've flown another three hours away from where that flight landed, so I suppose the pair is lost for good.

Someone somewhere is walking around in my shoes while my toes are freezing to death here.

Here's hoping the new owner treats my sneakers with love, and that my sneakers give the new owner some horrid blisters :@

And meanwhile, I need to decide if it's acceptable to wear this new footwear to tomorrow's conference...

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