Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Suicide Sticks

What is it about this suicide stick that makes it so appealing?
What is it about this flirtation with death that makes me light up smoke after smoke?

Is it the sheer confidence that death will come, coupled with the uncertainty of when?

But then, doesn't that sound like life itself?
Isn't that what this existence does in the end?
So, perhaps, all that this suicide stick does is lift away half of life's burdens.

Let me light one up.
Burn away another few minutes of my life.
Gaze up at some moments that won't ever come rise up in a wisp of smoke from the tip of my suicide stick.

Let my mind soar with the smoke,
Let my thoughts shine like the glow at the end of my suicide stick.

Let me disappear in my mind and wonder how, and why, this that kills kills whilst giving me such joy.

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